Specializing in quality infill homes in mature neighbourhoods in Edmonton, Liv Homes builds new homes designed to meet the needs of today’s home buyer. Affiliated with Liv Real Estate, Liv Homes can help you through the whole process of building your dream home in a mature neighbourhood – from selecting and purchasing a lot, to designing and building your dreams, to helping you ensure you maximize resale value when the time eventually comes to sell. Liv Homes also builds beautifully designed turn-key homes in great areas around Edmonton.

Liv Homes was founded by Sheldon Johnston and Sara MacLennan when they began the process of building a home for their family and were not satisfied with the options available. They were either too expensive, didn’t have infill experience, or didn’t offer enough options to build a true custom home. And so, Liv Homes was born.

Our Team


Sheldon Johnston

Sheldon is the President of Liv Homes and the Broker/Owner sister company of Liv Real Estate. He has been around real estate from a young age when his parents started K.W. Johnston Real Estate in the 1970’s. He began managing the brokerage in 1992 when he specialized in commercial real estate and investing. Over the years Sheldon has been involved in the construction of numerous homes and condo projects. A member of the Infill Development in Edmonton Association, Sheldon is well-versed on Edmonton’s ever changing zoning bylaws and the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay which impact every aspect of planning and building homes in older neighbourhoods.


Sara MacLennan
Partner, Marketing Director

Sara is the co-founder and Marketing Director of Liv Homes and Liv Real Estate. When a Liv Home is ready to sell Sara makes sure it looks great and is easy to find. From 3D renderings and models, to photography and signage, Liv homes always look great.


Michele Joly
Project Manager & Designer

Michele has helped over 500 clients transform their homes through interior design and staging. Having diplomas in both Interior Design and Construction Management, Michele is ideally suited to her role at Liv Homes. Michele can assist with all aspects of product selection, from flooring, to paint colours, to fixtures and cabinets and make sure it all works together and looks great. Whether you’re into modern, contemporary or traditional, she enjoys all styles of homes and will help make your home look great, and fit your needs. She’ll also manage timelines and contractors so every project stays on time and budget.

Kashif Ahmed, Technical Consultant

Kashif was a home builder and a client of Liv Real Estate; we loved his energy and the homes he built so much, we hired him! Kashif is very knowledgeable and well connected with contractors and suppliers in the Edmonton area. His advice helps us maximize our budget, keep realistic timelines and ensure we build a quality home.

Liv Real Estate Agents

If you’re going to build in a mature neighbourhood, finding the right lot, that will allow the features you require (perhaps a front garage, or a home of a specific height or size) for the right price is essential. We can match you with a Liv Real Estate agent familiar with the Mature Neighbourhood Overlay and the various mature neighbourhoods in Edmonton so you find and purchase a lot where you can actually build the home you want to build. Contact our client concierge and she’ll match you with the best agent to meet your needs.